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    Harold's Famous formulates skin care products, many of which use ingredients harvested from the honey bee. We make healthy products to help people while maintaining environmental responsibility; our ingredients are 100% from nature.


    Our products are not medicines or drugs and have not been approved by the FDA.

    A Little More About Extracting Honey Bee Venom

    We love our honey bees! In the traditional method of Apitherapy, after the bee stings the individual, the bee sadly dies. We won’t give all the gory details but the stinger remains in the skin of the person who was stung, and the bee can’t live without the stinger. First, we harvest the venom by making the bees a little angry so they will sting a glass plate. The venom dries, and is then collected from the glass plate. Don’t worry! The bees get over it, and luckily don’t hold a grudge. The bee returns to its hive to produce more delicious honey (and venom)! The venom that’s collected is then analyzed by an outside analytical laboratory for quality and potency, thereby guaranteeing a consistent mixture of venom throughout the cream with every batch.


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  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    Question: Are honey bees harmed during the collection of their venom?

    Answer: No, because of our unique method the honey bee is not harmed during the collection of their venom. We love bees and are a cruelty free company!


    Question: I accidentally forgot my jar of Harold's Famous Bee Cream in my car, now it has turned to a liquid form. Can I still use it?

    Answer: Yes, allow the cream to return back to a solid state before applying. (We don't want any burns!) You may notice the consistency has changed, and because the product contains entrained air, the cream will collapse creating less volume. Because of our unique, proprietary mixing method, bee sure to store the product at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.


    Question: What is a Skin Patch Test?

    Answer: We often suggest to perform a skin test with our products as some people are sensitive to essential oils. When in doubt, test. Apply a small amount of the product to the inside of your elbow and cover it with a bandaid, let sit overnight. The following morning check for any sign of irritation or skin sensitivity.


    Question: Should I use Harold's Famous Bee Cream if I'm allergic to bee stings?

    Answer: We suggest that you do not use the product if you are allergic to bee stings or any other product of the honey bee hive.


    Question: Does Harold's Famous Bee Cream help with arthritis?

    Answer: Harold's Famous Bee Cream is not a medicine or drug and is not marketed for relief of arthritis pain. Although, we do commonly receive feedback from customers who mentioned the product eased their discomfort associated with arthritis.


    Question: What is the average shelf life of an unopened jar of Harold's Famous Bee Cream?

    Answer: An unopened jar of Harold's Famous Bee Cream, stored at room temperature, is good for three years.


    Question: I'm pregnant and/or nursing, is Harold's Famous Bee Cream safe for me?

    Answer: Those who are pregnant or nursing should always check with their doctor before using any product. Because we don't use harsh chemicals and virtually every ingredient is naturally derived and in low percentages, we feel conservative use should be safe for all. As with all new products, it is always best to perform a skin patch test to test for possible allergic reactions or sensitivities.

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